Saturday, June 15, 2013

Demon Bear by Bill Sienkiewicz (2013)

I was fortunate to get on Bill Sienkiewicz’s sketch list at Heroes Con last Saturday and asked if he would do a piece with Demon Bear and Mirage.  Bill’s work on New Mutants overall and the Demon Bear Saga in particular left an indelible impression on me as a young comic reader, so I was thrilled to get an original sketch from the master artist.  “How about 11 x 17?" he asked. “Can you do anything bigger?” I replied. After sorting through the clutter of his Artists Alley table, he found a huge piece of art board and off he went.  I passed by his table many times during the day on Sunday to see Bill’s work in progress on the Demon Bear sketch and watch him work on a number of other amazing sketches.  The final piece is outstanding and it's hard not to imagine the sheer savagery of the Demon Bear's howl when looking at it.


  1. That's an amazing piece! Mind if I share it over on my 1980s blog?

  2. Feel free, Jason. Keep up the great work with the Marvel 1980s. It's a must-read for me daily.

  3. Thanks James! And thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it.